Norway - August/September 1999

This is the travel report of Heleen & Jeroen Juwett during their 3 weeks of travelling and camping through Norway in August/September 1999 with lots of waterfalls, mountains, desolated areas and lots of ferries...

Day 1: 14:00 departure from Kiel (Germany), along the coast of Denmark to Oslo (Norway).

Day 2: Oslo fjord, arrival at Oslo harbour at 09:20.

The ice skating centre, the Viking Ship of Hamar.

Day 3: Rondane National Parc near Otta (some beautiful hikes can be made here).

The end of the trail at Rondane National Parc: Rondvassbu.

Day 4: Due to the weather (rain!) we stayed in a nice cabin at Vikebukt (Romsdalfjorden).

Day 5: The most touristic fjord of Norway: the Geiranger with it's strang inland terrain.

Travel to camping Sand nearby Loen at Lovatnet lake.

Day 6: Excursion to the Brigdalsbreen gletscher.

Excursion to the Kjenndal gletscher.

The camping site at lake Lovatnet.

Day 7: The beautiful area around Vik (travel to Voss).

The ferry on the Sognefjorden, from Dragsvik to Vangsnes.

The old Hopperstad stavkirke at Vinje.

Day 8: Bergen with the old Bryggen (wooden houses).

Day 9: "Norway in a nutshell", the bus, boat (Naerofjorden) and train (Flom to Myrdal to Voss) tour.

Day 10: Travelday to Rohldal.

Day 11: Great hiking experiences at the Hardangervidda.

Day 14: Camping at Jorpeland nearby Stavanger.

Day 16: The prekostelen hike, the rock which rises 600 m. out of the Lysefjorden.

Day 18: Lysefjorden tour in a deep fog.

Day 19: Small holiday cottages.

Day 20: The Dutch village of Flekkefjord.

Day 22: The end of the holiday. Bye bye deer...


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